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Invoice OCR:
How AI-based invoice
processing is reshaping OCR


The problems and challenges of invoice processing that are being addressed today with AI-Based OCR solutions.

Less maintenance and effort, easily customize and configure, learn across clients and processes and from other clients, build new features and enjoy maximum flexibility: Thus, for enterprises, BPOs and software vendors, the move away from legacy OCR and towards state-of-the-art AI OCR with powerful Intelligent Document Processing and Swarm Learning is only logical.

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Why Parashift?

According to Microsoft, more than 500 billion documents are generated worldwide every year by Office applications alone. That’s a lot of information that can still be read and interpreted by employees but can hardly be used for automatic processing and process control.

The result is media disruptions that induce unnecessary inefficiencies in processes. With Parashift, we offer you a solution for integrating documents cost-effectively into IT applications and workflows.

With the Parashift Platform, companies can easily read out their documents – no matter how many or what type of document they are.

The data obtained can then be used to make the company’s own processes more efficient or to support completely new digital business models.