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Get a use case audit, completely free of charge

Get an analysis of your documents and target-oriented information regarding automation potential and projected costs.

Upload sample docs & receive a free audit

Leverage document capture automation

We return structured data based on your documents to power your processes and digital business models. Now, document extraction is at your fingertips!


Are you processing lots of documents, and wasting too much time on manual data entry? Let's analyze your problem and find a high-impact solution together.



Extract ANY document, independent of layout variation

Automatically classify and extract data from any document type, in any language, and independent of structure and layout.


Learns while you sleep

To achieve the highest possible extraction capabilities, the Parashift Platform learns from every interaction and leverages a global, constantly growing pool of training data, while strictly protecting sensitive data.


Receive fully validated data

For a variety of document types, such as purchase orders, delivery bills, invoices, etc., you can optionally get validated data back. Meaning, a Parashift employee takes care of validating and correcting data where necessary.


Seamless REST API integration

The document intelligence gathered by Parashift is easily consumable in any setup and environment. It complements your existing infrastructure and increases potential business outcomes.