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Leading insurer uses Intelligent
Document Processing to process claims
in hours instead of days

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) for claims processing

Claims processing is an important function in an insurance company. It serves as the central hub for the acceptance, processing, and payment of claims. For the insured customer, the claims department is often a frequent touchpoint and therefore an important factor in overall customer satisfaction. According to an Accenture study, more than 30% of customers who had a bad claims experience switched insurers within a year of the incident.

By using Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), insurance companies can ensure a fast and efficient workflow that reduces processing time from weeks to hours and ensures the scalability of the process.

The benefits are significant for the customer relationship and the insurance company in terms of reputation and cost.

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Why Parashift?

According to Microsoft, more than 500 billion documents are generated worldwide every year by Office applications alone. That’s a lot of information that can still be read and interpreted by employees but can hardly be used for automatic processing and process control.

The result is media disruptions that induce unnecessary inefficiencies in processes. With Parashift, we offer you a solution for integrating documents cost-effectively into IT applications and workflows.

With the Parashift Platform, companies can easily read out their documents – no matter how many or what type of document they are.

The data obtained can then be used to make the company’s own processes more efficient or to support completely new digital business models.